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Northcutt Mining Consultants

Take a break. We will take care of your business for you.

About Us

f late, mining costs have gone through the roof and the need to cut costs cannot be overemphasised. So why employ excess Engineers when you can outsource Mining Engineers. Offsite Engineers are the solution to avoiding additional costs associated with engaging extra full time Engineers. Our Engineers are just off your site but will provide the same crucial services as if onsite. We provide individually tailored Mining Engineering services from our offices and only come to site when required.

The shortage of Mining Engineering services during hiring, leave breaks or for special projects disrupts Technical Services departments’ service provision, as well as the mine’s operational efficiency. Our team of experienced Mining Engineers and allied Technical Services personnel are available for Relief Mining Engineering coverage onsite. Onsite is anywhere you work from, at the mine or at your head office. The Engineers are available for both short, medium and long term mine planning work.

Northcutt Mining Consultants (a division of Northcutt Services Pty Ltd) is a locally owned business, based in Blackwater, Queensland. Our locale, right in the heart of the Bowen basin, makes us the closest Mine Planning Consultants to most coal mines in Central Queensland. This greatly reduces transport and accommodation costs for our clients, and gives us speed and agility when responding to clients' requests for a quick assessment of situations in the pit.

Projects Undertaken Include:
  • Relief Mining Engineer Contract work for BMA Blackwater Mine (May'16 - Jul'19) - responsible for Dragline, Pre-Strip and Post Strip operations mining engineering support work (designing, operational plans, scheduling and operations monitoring, control, reporting & reconciliation)
  • Relief Mining Engineering support for Yancoal's Yarrabee Mine (Nov'17 - March'18) - responsible for Truck/Shovel and Drill & Blast operations mine planning support work (designing, operational plans, scheduling and operations monitoring, control & reporting)
  • Short Term Mine Planning Contract work for BMA Blackwater Mine (Nov'15 - Mar'16) - Assignment included Draglines and Truck & Shovel operations mining engineering support work (Designing; Scheduling; Time Usage Modelling; Operational Plans; Operations Monitoring, Control & Reporting; Strip Reconciliations), using Vulcan, XACT, 3DDig, mRoc, Modular, Corvus
  • Mining Engineering Consultancy work for TMM Group (Feb 2015). Assignment included Mid Term Dragline designs (Vulcan) and 3DDig evaluations/simulations for client project
  • Mid Term Mine Planning Contract work for BMA Saraji Mine (Nov'14 - Jan'15). Assignment included Draglines and Truck & Shovel design work and STP schedules using Vulcan, XACT and TALPAC.

Our Mine Planning Consultants are available for short and long term contracts to take care of your mine design, scheduling and pit optimisation needs while your personnel are unavailable, or just as a cost reduction measure. We can also bridge the gap during role rotations, so that you do not feel the pain or postpone your team's well deserved development.

We also offer production operations optimisation to the mine production departments seeking to improve their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Give us the opportunity to turn your focus from operational performance optimisation to market delivery optimisation. Main areas of expertise include Truck & Shovel, Draglines, Drill & Blast, and Coal Quality.

A team of experienced Environmentalists and Mine Surveyors offers associated Technical Services which include Mine Surveying, Environmental assessment, Landform planning and audits.

Northcutt Mining Consultants operates a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of AS / NZS ISO 9001:2008. The company is in the process of compiling Risk and HSE Management Systems that comply with industry recognised standards.

Northcutt Mining Consultants hold appropriate levels of Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurances for the purpose of Mining Engineering Services.

Why us?

We are:

1. Cost effective due to outsourcing

2. Close to clients thus reduced travel and accommodation costs

3. Flexible, can work onsite or offsite without compromising on quality or delivery deadlines

4. Available for short, medium and long term commitments

5. Experienced enough to hit the ground running

What also sets us apart from our competition is our willingness to go the extra mile in each endeavour, maximising value to you the customer. We will be available to serve you every day.